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Bigger Fish to Fry

September 23, 2009

Quoting Deafherbalist’s World recent blog article, “Deafread TV- Stay On and Win the Battle!”:

“…show the world what you are made of instead of crying “Audism” because we have a bigger fish to fry.”

Deafherbalist decries the numbers of v/bloggers leaving DeafRead and DVTV.  Tayler Mayer, the owner of DR and DVTV refused to put “audism” in the R-list as a reason for removing a v/blogger from the aggregator.  He has said that DR/ DVTV can’t please everybody.  He commented in Dianrez’s blog:

“Use DeafRead Hide to turn DeafRead into your own specialized aggregator. Instead of centralizing the decison-making of who belongs and who doesn’t belong to a chosen few – we decided to provide this functionality to empower you to make your own decision about what you want to learn and discuss. The deaf community is too diverse and it is impossible to make everyone happy. This is democracy in its truest sense.”

Does anybody remember the uproar when Tayler cited “commercialism” that was vaguely defined in the guidelines  when he booted a popular C.I. blog from DR over a year ago?  The booted C.I. blogger started a new aggregator herself  and some of DR’s traffic went to hers.  Deja vu here?  Some people actually expressed glee when this blogger with an “audistic” attitude got booted off.

Tayler’s gotten called a lot of names over the last two years, and now “audist” because he won’t put in “audism” as an R-list reason.  What an irony.  The terms “audism” and “audist” oughta be booted out of the deaf blogosphere for good, that’s what I think.  Back to discrimination against the d/Deaf.

Those two words are just about the most abused words on the deaf blogosphere to the point they have no power to move mountains.   We’ve ended up using those words against each other in the deaf community and it’s turning the community into a laughingstock.   What a wonderful online example of the so-called tolerance and warmth that the deaf community has been known for.

Whatever has happened to respect for another’s different view without resorting to a personal attack?  Whatever has happened to respect for a deaf organization’s mission without attacking that organization?  We all have different missions in our lives.  The point is, each of us is contributing something to advance what he/she believes in and that’s what Deafherbalist is talking about.

There are better things to do than call another d/Deaf person’s or d/Deaf organization’s efforts as “audism”.  Before attacking another d/Deaf person or organization, realize that none of us  ain’t perfect either and have work on ourselves to do.  That’s truly our bigger fish to fry.