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Being Proactive About Internet Accessibility

December 15, 2009

“Knowing how disabled people use the Web is the first step to making the Web accessible…”

After reading this article in Fox News, I find it all the more compelling to support HR3101, the bill that will require captioning of internet video content and will soon be up for Congressional vote, starting in the House of Representatives.  I wrote my Representative this last summer in support of this bill.

I also find it encouraging news that some companies who utilize the internet as part of their product marketing are being proactive in making their websites accessible to the disabled, which also includes the deaf/ hard of hearing.   By doing so, such companies will earn loyal customers from the deaf/ hard of hearing community.

The picture of being proactive about internet accessibility elicits a more positive response rather than dragging one’s feet over accessibility because it’s a law, which in turn makes the disabled wonder “What’s taking ’em so damned long to get around to us as customers?”

The technology is there and soon company CEO’s will no longer be able to ignore the disabled sector without  incurring civil lawsuits.   As one can see, a civil lawsuit is not as cost-effective to a company in the long run as having a proactive policy about internet accessibility for the disabled.   Want more customers?  Make your internet front door accessible for all.

“Experts say accessibility features make a better Internet for all.”

Amen to that.