Deaf soup and Surdo salad, anyone?

Upon reading Mike McConnell’s recent blog, “Very Special People Hate Crime”, deafherbalist’s comment under the article caught my eye:

“Next week they will come with a new name for a salad. I would not be surprised if they come up with “Surdo Salad.” I am not sure about the week after but they will come up with something. :-)”

Interesting observation, one that many deaf people have noted time and again on DR or DVTV and elsewhere on the deaf v/blogosphere.

I’m tempted to call this tendency to put a multitude of labels on D/deaf oppression or opposing views as “surdo salad”.

We’ve seen concepts such as deficit thinking, audism, linguicism, deaf eugenics, and now special “deaf” hate crime all hatched to describe what is considered discrimination or oppression against the D/deaf.  There’s been so many labels, I’m sure I left out a few.

So much academic hairsplitting, it’s ridiculous. Notice how these labels imply victimization.   When the labeling gets repeated ad nauseum, it’s like a neon sign flashing “kid glove treatment”.

Some of this labeling has arisen out of deafhood, when you look back on the deaf v/blogosphere over the last  three years. There’s this pattern of someone acting as deafhood’s mouthpiece, and the whole v/blogosphere suddenly takes up the label without question.  It’s getting to seem like a cult of the faithful who ardently believe deafhood will save Deaf culture and ASL.

Speaking of ardent belief, when I viewed Bunjer’s vlog, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a joke or a serious earnestness about  Paddy Ladd.  Bunjer signs what was a nickname that children came up for Paddy Ladd as he told them stories about deaf culture, the sign-name of “Jesus”.  We all know that Jesus told parables, as the Christian bible relates.  Now, I dunno about you, but I‘m taking that vlog with a grain of salt.  After all, it was Jesus who warned about anti-Christs, the imposters who will come after him, lol.

This Deaf soup called American deafhood ain’t a religion.  It’s a philosophy that was written by an English deaf academician and I can respect it as such.  Many deaf people relate to the journey of understanding their deafness and are relieved to realize that there is nothing wrong with being D/deaf.

However, deafhood leaders here in this country have cherry-picked concepts out of Ladd’s book to suit their goals for Deaf culture and have politicized what was a philosophy for understanding one’s own deaf journey into a cult-like ideology.

It is mindful to remember that Hitler took advantage of the German people when he called on their patriotic feelings for the “Fatherland” by harking to a previous golden age and calling for a pure Aryan race, which was his plan to rid the Jews and anyone else whom he didn’t consider “Aryan enough”.

American deafhood is taking advantage of D/deaf people when it calls on their feelings for Deaf culture by harking to a previous golden age of Deaf culture and calling for a pure Deaf culture which “weeds” out anybody who isn’t “Deaf enough”.

We D/deaf are no more special than anyone else.  Herein lies the problem of American deafhood.

Specialness spells elitism.  Just look at that bland Deaf soup.

Kid glove treatment spells victimhood.  Just look at that Surdo salad of labels.

Strange dichotomy, that Deaf soup and Surdo salad.

Not a wonder I don’t have an appetite.

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8 Responses to “Deaf soup and Surdo salad, anyone?”

  1. White Ghost Says:

    It’s analogy to the Nazi soup.


  2. theHolism Says:

    You are right. Deafhood is not a religion. It’s an ideology for some people but unfortunately some of them are trying to turn it into some sort of religion. The evidence is there but whether they’re going to succeed at it remains to be seen. One never know how far they’re willing to go. I just hope their leaders are going to come to their senses.

    I enjoyed this blog and really appreciate your insights. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Ann_C Says:


    Soup Nazi’s “No soup for you!” Ha, ha!

    Loved the old Seinfeld show. Soup Nazi character was based on a real person.

    Life can be stranger than fiction.

  4. Ann_C Says:


    I’ve seen a few Deaf cultured ppl describe ASL as holy and/or precious. Yes, ASL is a a beautiful, visual language but I stop at beatification, lol.

    Deafhood leaders decry a fly in their Deaf soup and the followers take up the rally cry without asking any questions. This is the cult effect. Some may question, but are pressured or intimidated into ‘toeing the line’, fearing backlash from the Deaf culture. I could have used other examples, but Hitler’s example is the one most ppl remember vividly because of the extent to which he went to get rid of the undesirables, which also included deaf ppl.

    There is a big rainbow world to explore and experience via the internet and personal contact with many different ppl, but some are content with just a Deaf soup and Surdo salad diet. Which in turn limits their view of the world. That kind of view reflects on the deaf community, and those viewing it from outside of it come away with negative perceptions of deaf ppl overall, skewed and unfair as that may be.

    Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks.

  5. Candy Says:

    Took me a while to get here, had a long journey today. This video by Bunjer is so whacked. Jeff aka JAmerica360 gave an excellent 360 degree critique on Bunjer’s video over at youtube/dvtv/deafhood? no thanks. sites.

    This video could in essence be the catalyst towards the “fall” of this ridiculous organization. I am already seeing objections to Bunjer’s video, if not by many, but a few dh followers. It only takes a few to see the light and to shine it so bright.

    A simple salad and non-deaf soup is all I want. 😉

  6. Ann_C Says:

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, expecting a slow turnout anyway.

    I do hope that ppl start to see deafhood for what it is, a deaf philosophy without the polarizing deaf identity politics or religious overtones.

    Me, I’ll go for a simple vinaigrette salad and a tasty chicken tortilla soup with all kinds of colors and wonderful flavors, the “whole enchilada”. 😉

  7. kim Says:

    Love the visual of a colorful soup and salad, Ann. Some Deafhood promoters do seem like religious fanatics. It’s too funny that Paddy Ladd is now seen by some as being a ‘saviour’ of Deaf people on the same level as Jesus Christ himself. And Paddy Ladd has saved them from what I wonder? Hearing people? Hearing hell? I don’t know. I have been trying to understand it for over two years and finally gave up. There are as many ‘deaf journeys’ as there are deaf people. All of us are unique and beautiful. We must each follow our own paths. A salad with nothing but lettuce is not so pleasing to the palate.

  8. ireflections09 Says:


    You’re right, that there are many ‘deaf journeys’ as there are deaf ppl.

    I’d rather have a deaf soup with the whole spectrum in it and a salad without all those labels. 😉

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